Call for performers for St. George’s Xmas Cinderella panto


From St. George’s Anglican Church: 

The St George’s Community Theatre of the local is excited to announce the production of a classic pantomime: Cinderella will be performed in the nave of St. George’s Cadboro Bay on the first weekend of December 2019. This will be a fun production that aims to bridge newcomers to the stage, with seasoned professionals.

Interested performers (experienced and newbies, adults and minors) are being sought.

Why are we auditioning in April for a show in December?

We are doing this to have a cast ready – and committed – to begin rehearsals as soon as school is back in session in September, with as little fuss as possible for everyone. Also, some of the performers with more lines to learn will have scripts over the summer months. The show director, when performing, has a heck of a time lodging lines into his noggin. For some people it is a snap. Everyone’s different. So why not provide the opportunity for people to have their script longer?

If you are considering auditioning, please read through the following carefully. We are looking for community-minded people to not only enjoy putting on the performances, but the journey together to get there.

For more information (including Audition forms, contact information, etc.), visit

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