New “sidewalk” not a good idea

i would like to register my concern for the new ‘sidewalk’ on the ocean side of the cadboro bay hill.  i’m not sure where that idea came from or how saanich engineers would not have seen the incredible danger to bicyclists coming down that hill.  there is now, basically no way a bike and a car can use that lane together.  it’s  treacherous.  

i can see the need for a sidewalk but wonder why the existing side walk with the new crosswalk would not have been adequate.  it is a total eyesore on top of being extremely dangerous.  hard to fathom.  i really wonder how these decisions get made as i never heard a word about this until i saw the construction and at that point i thought it was another bike lane.  so now, 2 sidewalks and no bike lane at all.

i really think they should get rid of it before someone gets hurt
thank you
carolyn showler

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