Re: Penrhyn Street Brochure

Development permit application DPR00660, 2590-2598 Penrhyn St. Cadboro Bay Victoria.

I am pleased that the CBRA is taking an active interest in Cadboro Bay development but I am appalled at the omitted, false or implied information in the recent CBRA brochure. In no way does this represent an honest representation of the proposed development.  Some cases in point:

  • The primary photograph shows Penrhyn St. looking west with the proposed development to the left. The sketch immediately below shows the east side of the development which is not visible from the street.  While this is labeled as such in fine print it is clearly intended to “show” the reader what the property will look like from Penrhyn.  Other sketches were available showing the Penrhyn view but were not selected. 
  • Text below sketch states “eliminating all trees on site”. Probably true due to construction but the CBRA fails to mention the developer is planting 32 new trees, seven of these along Penrhyn 
  • arious opinion statements stated as fact, including height of buildilngs (units are actually lower than adjacent and nearby buildings). 

I am not supporting or opposing the proposed plan. There is always room for improvement and this is to be desired.  I applaud CBRA activities in this regard.  However, I do not approve of misinformation purposely provided to mislead the residents of Cadboro Bay on this or any other development.  For a more factual and comprehensive review, both positively and negatively, I would encourage you to read the Report to Mayor and Council prepared by Sharon Hvozdanski, Director of Planning, District of Saanich.



Sincerely yours;

Jack L. Littlepage

10 Mile Point

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