Citizen comment regarding proposed Penrhyn Street townhouses, Cadboro Bay

[copy of letter sent to Saanich Council]

To Council

Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend the public hearing on Tuesday June 18at Municipal Hall, but I wanted add my voice to the those concerned about this proposal.

I moved to Cadboro Bay in August 1998 and have raised my family of three children here.  It’s a truly wonderful village and neighbourhood, with a unique family friendly atmosphere. It has felt like a privilege to live here and I have no wish to deny others that same privilege by naysaying all new housing development.  However, the proposed high-rise townhouses for Penrhyn are NOT in keeping with the character of the village we know and love, nor will “luxury units” provide affordable and much needed housing for a wide range of family or lower income brackets. 

The loss of greenspace that the proposed footprint of the units would entail is also particularly distressing – with the amount of infill that has been happening over the last few years, vital habitats for insect and wildlife are being increasingly shrunk or eliminated – to the detriment of us all, not just the residents of Cadboro Bay.  

We can do our part locally by insisting on the preservation of as much valuable green space as possible, even if it means the developers have to reduce their expectations of getting maximum dollars per square inch of space.

Please reject the proposal for the Penrhyn Street Townhouses in its current form, and request that it only be re-submitted after addressing the concerns of the villagers and nearby residents.


Alison Sheppard

4063 Haro Rd, Victoria BC, V8N 4B3 | 250.472.0929

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