Rezoning 3880, 3884 Haro Road

Copy of letter sent to Council: 

I live at 2448 Sutton Road which is very close to the proposed subdivision.

I was canvassed to sign a document stating that I had no objections to the new lot subdivision which I did. My question before signing was that as long as there were no objections from nearby residents I would sign. I was told that there were no objections from the immediate neighbours.  Consequently I have learned that the immediate neighbours do have serious objections to this proposed subdivision and knowing that I rescind my acceptance of the proposal.

My wife and I purchased our lot due to its size and the privacy of our back yard. I would hate to loose that privacy by allowing a 3 small lot subdivision next door and totally understand why the immediate neighbours are objecting.

The corner lot subdivision will occur in an area that is used by parents to pickup and drop off their children at Frank Hobbs School. A new driveway and house will only create an additional bottleneck on Sutton Road in addition to the lose of privacy and contentment of the current residents. 

Respectfully please do not allow this proposed subdivision to occur.

David Minty

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