CBRA restarting Dead Boats removal task force

Email from Eric Dahli, Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association and co–founder of the Cadboro Bay Dead Boats Society, to the Mayors of Saanich and Oak Bay:

Good Morning from Cadboro Bay.

Sadly we must restart our task force. In addition to 5 or 6 boats that are potential derelicts, our concerns also include boats with no identification, boats improperly anchored, boats using buoys without the owner’s  permission, combined with a number of reported unexplained missing boat related accessories and supplies. Our first step will be to attach notices to each of the boats we have identified as having some  identification and safety issues. 

Once we have the list of committee members updated, Mr. Donaldson will be calling a meeting, hopefully early in the New Year.

Thank you for helping keep Cadboro Bay Clean and Safe.

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