Exerior soffit lighting and other light pollution

Dear Cadboro Bay Residents Association Board Members and members of Saanich Council,

I am very concerned about the trend towards more exterior lighting on individuals homes. It seems that bright soffit lighting, as well as other external light sources, are becoming trendy. 

We are fortunate, here in Cadboro Bay, as well as in Greater Victoria generally, to enjoy something approaching real darkness at night, since there are few lights on the water. I notice, however, that new homes are being built with ever brighter exterior lighting, some of which is left on the entire night. I can see the lights for one particular house from about 4 blocks away. I can’t imagine how bright this must be for the immediate neighbours!

The location of one of the bright homes is an especially serious concern as they are very close to the trees in which the herons nest every spring/summer.
I am fairly sure I brought this up during the LAP planning, but as I notice another new house going up near the brightest house in the area, I want to emphasize how important it is to avoid light pollution, for the peace and enjoyment – and sleep – of the human, bird, and animal residents, as well as to not unnecessarily waste energy.



Andrea Piccinin

Some resources describing the problem of light pollution:

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