Jerry Donaldson, or the CBRA and Dead Boats Society, reports:

[Aerial view: Google Maps]

It’s Sunday, January 26, 2020, 5:30 pm.  Here are today’s observations:

  • Boat 1: 18 foot power boat Ms L..  The bottom is now badly split, so this boat is done for. The boat is squarely on the Saanich side of the bay.  Mandy told me this morning that Ryan has given up and walked away from this boat.  The outboard is gone along with the soft cover.

There is 100 metres of yellow nylon rope connecting the boat to a mooring off-shore.  This line is floating and is IMHO a navigation hazard.

  • Boat 2: Spellbound, still on the beach, Oak Bay side.  The drop boards have been out for a day or two, probably to dry out below.  I saw the owner on the beach yesterday.
  • Boat 3: Free Spirit.  It’s been moved down the beach, but is not clear. It’s on the Oak Bay side.  I suspect there’s a problem.  It is riding very low in the water and will likely sink soon unless something is done
  • Boat 4: Sea Lion,  27 foot or so, sloop, registration number 13K77934.   On the Oak Bay side.  No change.  
  • Boat 5: A sunken sailboat on the Saanich side 150 feet off-shore, on the Saanich side.  This is Mandy’s boat.  I saw her this morning, and she is still planning to try a salvage.  
  • Boat 6:    A sunken sailboat, it’s a few hundred yards off-shore and all I see is the mast, Saanich side I think.   It’s probably Von Bouyage.  No change.
  • Boat 7:    Ryan’s Haida.  He was working on it yesterday and has successfully re-floated it.  I think it’s on the Saanich side. There is above the beach and on someone’s private property beach a pile of stuff including a very large armchair that Ryan took off the Haida last Sunday.   We can speak to Oak Bay about resuming clean-up.  There is still trash all over both the Saanich and Oak Bay sides.

I’ve attached a Google Earth photo with the various wrecks noted thereupon.

– Jerry Donaldson

For the CBRA and Dead Boats Society

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