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Make noise in support of health workers at 7pm

Geoff Stokes, captain of Block # TV-008 on Hobbs St., is proposing to “make noise” every evening at 7:00 pm – beginning tonight (Wed Apr 8) – in support of our health care workers and first responders:

There are a number of connections to health care workers in our block (nurses in particular at the Royal Jubilee, Vancouver General and in Toronto), as well as first responders (two firefighters) that we  know of.
We are all in this together, and we are all self isolating for the greater good because we have no idea who might be asymtomatic.  We trust that your families are safe but we also want to recognize those who risk exposure every day.
Please share if you know someone on Hobbs who is not part of our Block Watch.  You will  note above this has been sent to Jodi James and Ian and Nancy Kidd as they are not part of our Block Watch.
Be Safe
Geoff Stokes

Capt., Block # TV-008

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