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Letter: Dogs on Cadboro Bay Beach, East End

As a beachfront resident of Cadboro Bay Beach, let me tell you that the dog park situation is out of hand.

I’m able to witness multiple times per day where irresponsible dog owners have allowed their dogs to bark for hours, which greatly disrupts my sleep daily. This is a very important part of the bird sanctuary and I have witnessed dogs running at herons and hunting seabirds far too many times to go without it becoming a serious issue! We are responsible for the health of the sea birds- not the dogs! The dogs are repeatedly in fights, they are allowed to defecate anywhere, without having it being removed, they are not kept on the leash therefore trample and injure children, elderly people often.

Something must be done to bring this situation under control. If my patients in hospital acted the way dog owners do, they would be removed from the hospital. The problem is that no one will enforce the common rules of decency so it is the logical solution to ban dogs from the beach. Even now, I would like to be able to sleep, but the incessant dog barking is driving me crazy. Earplugs do not work for the dog barking echoes loudly in this end of the bay.

It’s time for people to take their beach back from the dogs – as those who live here see the extent of their owners bad behavior. They call their dogs so loudly, over and over, and they seem afraid of discipline toward their dogs. The noise, the mess, the birds, when is enough finally enough?! Concerned residents have rights – more than the dogs.

Jillian Regan, RN BN

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