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Letter: ban of dogs on the beach

Dear CBRA Board Members,

I am fully in support of the proposed review regarding dogs on Gyro Beach.

I have been concerned about dogs running wild on the beach for two main reasons:

  1. It is a safety issue.  I have had two large dogs run up right in front of me on the beach and begin fighting.  If I hadn’t been able to move quickly to avert the situation I could have easily been injured.  An acquaintance was knocked over by a dog and left her shocked and frightened, although luckily not injured.
  2. There are many shorebirds and seabirds that frequent the beach.  Dogs pose a severe risk to these birds, who may be nesting, or foraging for food to feed their young.  We cannot let dogs further endanger birds, some of whom are significantly declining in numbers.

Thank you for your consideration of my comments.

Margaret Dohan
[address and tel. supplied]

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