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Letter: Grateful Dogs Allowed on Cadboro Beach

Dear Committee Members  

I am very grateful to Saanich council for the continued allowing of dogs on Cadbora Bay Beach and the very sensible way it has been handled, full beach before 9 half beach after 9 A.M. Growing up, my mom would take 6 children  and our dog to Cadbora Bay for day long picnics and memories remain strong of how wonderful these days were. Now I  frequently feel  grateful when our young goddaughter is visiting us for her 2 week summer stay as we can pack a picnic, pack up the dog and head to the beach for the day.

Cadbora Bay beach is a wonderful family beach as the sand is perfect for castle, the ocean is warm enough for her to swim in and shallow enough that I can join her and our dog is with us so no having to strategize child care/dog care….what a blessing. I am saddened to hear that people who bought houses or built houses on the beach knowing full well the dog policy now feel they are entitled to change it. This doesn’t fit my sense of good community spirit. I have heard a concern is  dogs  coming into their houses which I agree isn’t something one should have to content with and it also leads me to ask why do they not put up fences, we have done this at our house as  deer love to come up to our front deck and eat our garden….this problem is easily resolved by a fence. In terms of people not picking up after their dogs I too concern about this,  no one wants dog doo on a beach where children play so I recommend strong fines should this take place.  I also think as a dog owner I need to insure that other dog owners pick up. in terms of the wildlife and as an avid birdwatch I too share a concern if the wild life is not being respected it is also something I have not experienced on this beach. 

I believe space needs to be shared between us all and that most of us in this community are blessed to be affluent enough to own lovely homes with large yards which we own or rent and can have clear boundaries around. Public space is to be shared and enjoyed by all and this beach for the 72 years I have been around has been public space  greatly enjoyed by adults, children and dogs with very few problems. I hope the dog policy on Cadbora Bay can remain as it stands as it is a good policy,  not everyone likes dogs so sharing the beach is a good way of addressing it also dogs should not be allowed on the playground as some children are frightened of them. 

I find it hard that people who have the size of lots and homes facing the beach lack the generosity to share the public space with others who I have seen tend to be families with children and dogs enjoying a day at the beach. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter 

yours sincerely 

Rosalie Walls

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