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Derelict Boats update

From Jerry Donaldson for CBRA and Dead Boats Society:

It’s Thursday, May 21, 2020.  

The following boats are abandoned and/or derelict in the Bay:

  • Boat 1:  18 ft. power boat “Ms L.”, on the beach Saanich side.
  • Boat 2: Spellbound, 25 ft. sloop, on the beach, Oak Bay side.   
  • Boat 3: Free Spirit, 24 ft. sloop, below the high tide mark on the Oak Bay side 
  • Boat 4: Sea Lion, 27 ft.  sloop, the Oak Bay side. 
  • Boat 5: Name unknown, 28 ft.  sloop, sunk on the Saanich side 150 feet offshore, on the Saanich side.   
  • Boat 6: A sunken sailboat, maybe 18 ft. , a few hundred yards off-shore on the Saanich side  
  • Boat 7: Boat 7 has been removed by parties unknown 
  • Boat 8: Unnamed sloop, approximately 28 ft., on the rocks on the east side of the bay, in Saanich in front of 2855 Sea View Road. 

Removal efforts
John Roe has now posted the 30 day notice on each boat.  At the expiration of
30 days he will be in a position to launch removal efforts.
My information is that Boat 6 and Boat 8 may not be included in John Roe’s
efforts.  I will clarify that with him prior to the CBRA Board meeting next week.  There may be a Boat 9 on the east shore, near Boat 8.  More information as we received it. 

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