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Letter: Derelict and Abandoned Boats in Cadboro Bay Beach

Good Afternoon,

It was with great interest that I read the above article in todays issue of the Oak Bay News. A friend (Cadboro Bay Resident) and I were  doing garbage pick up at Caddy Beach, May 18 and noticed  5 derelict boats (2 partially submerged and 3 beached) there at that time.

I  sent a letter to Saanich Municipal Council as well as talked with John Roe of the Dead Boat Society. I also sent a letter to Andrew Weaver, though have not heard back. The automated reply from Saanich Municipal Council was that  it would be brought forward, though have not heard anything since.

I am delighted to hear that the Cadboro Bay Resident Association is  doing beach clean ups and is actively involved with the on-going issue of derelict and abandoned boats.

On another note, as we walked south along the beach, we came across many feet of coiled, perforated pipes. They appeared to be drainage pipes, though we were not sure about this. There was a lot of overhanging invasive ivy in that area, so was hard to get in underneath the ivy to investigate any further. I’d be very interested to know why it is there?

Is there also interest in removing invasive ivy from the beach and replacing with beach grass?

Kind Regards

Jacqueline Bird

Oak Bay Resident

[email address supplied]

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