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Letter: Proposed Development at 2345 Queenswood Drive

Dear Mr. Dahli, I am one of the many residents strongly opposed to this proposal, and we have recently been informed that it’s important to bring CBRA into the matter. Several of us have already written to Saanich Planning, but we need to know that the rest of Cadboro Bay and Queenswood are also informed.I am including my letter to Liz Gudavicius of Saanich Planning, for your information. Many thanks for the work you do for Cadboro Bay.


Faye Ford

Dear Ms. Gudavicius

Further to my phone call and previous email requesting a postponement until the Covid situation is resolved, I would like to register my opposition to this development on the basis of habitat destruction.

The part of the subject lot backing onto Annabern Crescent is at present a wildlife habitat containing native trees such as Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and shrubs such as Salal, Ocean Spray, lots of Snowberry and many others. Looking at the property today I counted 3 large Douglas Fir trees, as well as smaller young ones and one large native Cedar as well as its offspring just over 8’ tall.
The CRD website https://www.crd.bc.ca/education/our-environment/ecosystems/terrestrial/coastal-douglas-fir  is well worth looking at for information on the Coastal Douglas Fir ecosystem, the smallest ecosystem of the 14 in British Columbia, and among the most imperilled. 

It would appear that the whole of our Queenswood neighbourhood is part of this very special ecosystem, with brings with it a vast array of sub shrubs in addition to those mentioned, as well as the precious micorrhizal fungi.The property is alive with birds and insect species, and there are even some fallen logs, potential ‘nurse logs’ for further support of wildlife in its smallest forms.  The mature front yard of 2345 Queenswood includes one giant pine tree that surely couldn’t survive the heavy excavation machinery , even if it were not taken down.

A few years ago, (4? 5?) your Saanich arborists were removing a hazard tree from the public walkway between Queenswood Drive and Annabern Crescent, which separates the properties of two of my neighbours, and one of my neighbours rushed out and yelled at them, “That tree is my privacy! I insist that you replace it with a tree in my yard!”  They dutifully complied, but sadly this is one of the many trees that will be removed if he gets his wish to subdivide his property.

I believe that we must act for the greater good, and preserving natural habitat and beauty are part of who we are in Saanich. I have been very proud of Saanich Planning Department and  Council in the past, such as when they prevented Uvic from razing the 15 acre Queenswood forest across the road. An urban forest is a treasure to keep for future generations, and this one is a gem in the crown of Saanich. All of the properties along Queenswood are treed and have natural areas of habitat left untouched, not destroyed by excessive development. It would be very sad to see 2345 Queenswood start a precedent of urbanization and habitat destruction as the applicant leaves the rest of us in his wake.
Respectfully submitted,

Faye Ford

[address and tel. no. supplied]

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