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Letter: 2345 Queenswood development

I am writing to voice EXTREME opposition to the proposed ‘development’ at 2345 Queenswood Dr.

I live down the block, and have since 1988.  i have watched as old homes are torn down for new mansions, many removing old trees and as the years go on  the nature of the neighbourhood is changed. it is constant; never ending.

i am a dog walker, and frequently walk the little path that apparently marks the boundary of this proposed development.  i can’t imagine how this would work given the setback of the original house and to shove two more houses in there is a totally inappropriate inconsideration.

Sell and leave.  Develop and leave.  Really?  No one in the neighbourhood wants this

Thank you
Carolyn Showler

[address supplied; Queenswood resident]

P.S. How about a nice garbage can at the corner of Queenswood and Arbutus?  i have asked many times, no one replies……..how about fixing the potholes that all the construction trucks make and what about some calming initiatives.  The amount of raging cyclists on Queenswood is a disaster waiting to happen.  There should be a way to slow people down a bit!!  it is 50 times worse with the pandemic.

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