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Letter: Grateful to Walk Dogs on Beach

I am writing to express my desire for dogs to be allowed to remain using Cadboro Bay Beach as a walking area.

I am a resident of Oak Bay and walk my dog along Willows Beach every day of the year until we are kicked off for 5 months of the year. As a result of that closure I am forced to drive my vehicle to Cadboro Bay and walk along that beach.

Perhaps the focus should be on following up with people who do not pick up after their pets and not penalize those who are diligent about doing so. Perhaps the 2 municipalities need to talk to one another and figure out a way of making it work for both beaches to allow for people to walk their dogs during limited hours during the summer months, so that all people can enjoy the beaches, however they choose to use them….whether sun bathing, relaxing or walking their pet.

We all have different ways of enjoying ourselves and therefore need to find  a way for everyone to enjoy the amenities at our doorsteps.

We do not live in a perfect world and therefore we are never going to eliminate all unforeseen circumstances, but how lucky we are to have such beauty to enjoy. Instead of this being a contentious issue perhaps we should work to figure out a way to make it work for all people. I find it quite frustrating to walk my dog along the sidewalk of Willows Beach during the summer mornings only to pass other dog owners doing the same thing, while the beach is completely vacant. It seems such a waste.

There are also people who complain about having dogs on the sidewalk. I have sent letters to Oak Bay to ask them to consider allowing dogs to be on the beach in the early morning hours during the summer until 8:30 am…..to no avail. Perhaps part of the issue at Cadboro Bay is because many locals from Oak Bay migrate towards Caddy Bay after the 5 month closure.

Just a few thoughts….again we have so much to be grateful for and really so little to be upset about.

Mike McCleish

Oak Bay

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