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Pause on Development of University Heights Shopping Centre

The following is an update from the developer, Wesbild on October 7, 2020:

“I am reaching out with some new, and disappointing news regarding the future of University Heights Shopping Centre…  Since our presentation to Council on August 24th receiving First Reading (and, thank you to those who shared input with Council leading up to this milestone), our team at Wesbild has been working hard to resolve some outstanding critical issues with our existing tenant – Home Depot.  Regrettably, Wesbild has made the decision to “pause” this $230-million renewal project due to an impasse regarding requests for expansion and other financial concessions. We certainly did not come to this decision lightly, and it was important to us that you hear the news from us, directly.

On behalf of Wesbild, I’d like to offer our sincere gratitude to each of your organizations (and to you as individuals) for all the time, effort, thoughtful commentary and support over the last three years of planning, and community engagement. Wesbild is doing all it can to address Home Depot’s requests and is hoping a final round of discussions can resolve the outstanding issues.  We will definitely keep you apprised if things shift on this front.

We do not take for granted that the people of Saanich (our neighbours, our site visitors, local housing and transportation advocates, etc.) have been generous with their time and input in helping to shape this proposal. It is our earnest hope that this significant project can ultimately continue.”

Virginia Bird
Community Relations

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