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Garden Suites Now Legal in Saanich

It is now legal to construct a garden suite with a permit in Saanich. Garden suites are detached, ground-oriented dwellings located in the rear yard of a property with a single family house as its principal use. Saanich expects this will increase the number and diversity of affordable rental housing units available in Saanich. 

A few facts to know:

  • You must apply for and be granted applicable permits in order to build and operate a garden suite.
  • Garden suites can be used for family or as rental units, but cannot be strata-titled, sold or used for short-term rentals (e.g. for an Airbnb or Bed and Breakfast).
  • An owner must live on the property with the garden suite in either the single family dwelling or the garden suite.
  • A garden suite can only contain one dwelling unit.
  • You cannot have a garden suite and a secondary suite.

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