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CBRA Board Updates

The Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association (CBRA) has announced recent changes in its Board of Directors. Eric Dahli has stepped down as Chair of CBRA, and Liz Miller has been appointed as the new Chair.

While looking over some ancient Local Area plan history,” Eric remarked, “I realized I was involved in the renewal of the current local area plan in 1999. That’s over 22 years ago. With a break a few years ago, I have been on the Board for about 18 years.”

Eric’s deep roots and engagement in the Cadboro Bay community will not be lost to CBRA – As per the Bylaws, the Past Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors for a period of one year. He will also be pursing some additional adventures, including sailing from Port McNeill to Ucluelet in the coming weeks.

In other appointments, Barry Andrushack is now Vice-Chair, taking over the role from Liz Miller. Two new Directors have also joined CBRA, filling recent vacancies: Carmen Arnsdorf and John Flanagan. Short bio’s are included below. A list of the full CBRA Board is provided on our Contact page. All positions and work is conducted by dedicated volunteers.

The next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in Fall, 2021 (date to be announced). At the AGM a report on CBRA’s many efforts and initiatives, as well as election of CBRA Board members will take place. To find out more, please feel free to email or visit our Get Involved page.


Liz Miller – Chair

Liz has lived with her husband and sons in Cadboro Bay for 22 years. She served on the CBRA Board in the early 2000’s contributing to the revitalization of the playgrounds at both Maynard and Gyro Park, the Safe Routes to School Committee and the relocation of Arbutus Grove pre-school. In her professional life Liz is a life coach as well as a representative for injured workers. Liz is thrilled to be part of the current Board and is committed to a safe, diverse and inclusive neighbourhood. “Cadboro Bay’s natural beauty, residents and businesses make it the best place to live!”

Barry Andruschak – Vice Chair

Barry is a pilot, businessman, and father of two grown children. He lives on Ten Mile Point in Victoria BC and is a member of the Board of the Cadboro Bay Residents’ Association.

Carmen Arnsdorf – Director and Chair of Communications Committee

Carmen works in the Public Service of British Columbia and as a volunteer for CBRA, engages in local community matters to promote diversity, inclusion, public engagement, evidence-based policymaking and environmental stewardship.

John Flanagan – Director

John is a native born Victorian, grew up in the Cadboro Bay and Landsdowne neighborhoods and spent many summers at Gyro Park swimming, raft building and fishing. He is an alumni of St Patrick’s, St Louis College, Oak Bay High Schools and UVIC. John worked 40 years with the Provincial government’s BC Forest Service in all aspects of forest management primarily in wildfire operations, retiring in 2012.  He has been a resident of Cadboro Bay since 1998 and has been actively involved with CBRA’s Emergency Preparedness Task Team.

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