Recent Letters: Local Area Plan for Cadboro Bay

Community members are sharing their thoughts on the draft local Area Plan for Cadboro Bay. Read letters here, or submit your own to Letters are shared with the CBRA Board of Directors – your insights are always welcomed!

Latest updates on the Local Area Plan update process here.

1 thought on “Recent Letters: Local Area Plan for Cadboro Bay”

  1. I am so tired of writing to you, but I will try one more time. Now that we, with our Bassets, are banned from Cadboro Beach, I have not been down there in months! It is a shame, I used to enjoy strolling along the beach with the dogs. They are NOT bird chasers. There is still no off leash park in Saanich , one for large dogs, one for small dogs. With a few benches for folks like me, and shade and an interesting topography.
    Maybe you could have an off leash beach for 4 hrs a day.
    I would like that also for Saanich pools, a set time for vaccinated people to use it. I do not want to take a chance having an unvaccinated person breathing that warm moist air on me.
    I am very much a senior and in Saanich, my world has shrunk.

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