Community Associations Contribute to Housing Strategy

The Saanich Community Association Network, including CBRA’s Eric Dahli – has been working closely with the District of Saanich and the Province to come up with solutions for the housing crisis in 2022.

Saanich News has featured a spotlight article on this important work, available here.

Provincial government ministers Murray Rankin (from left), Lana Popham and Rob Fleming discussed the housing crisis at a town hall hosted by the District of Saanich in November. The event was closed to media, but informative suggestions made at the time are being shared with the public for use in future planning. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Fred Haynes)

The Sannich Housing Strategy Task Force (HSTF) was formed to act as an advisory body to support the development of a Housing Strategy, a 10-year strategy that that will direct how we move forward to improve housing outcomes and support residents of all ages, incomes, and abilities.

The main purpose of the Task Force was to provide Council with recommendations for strategies and actions designed to achieve greater housing supply, affordability and diversity, and accommodate a broad range of community housing needs now and in the future.

Recommendations from the Task Force are compiled in a Final Report [PDF – 2 MB] and are anticipated to form the core content of the Housing Strategy.

Find out more about the work of the Task Force here.

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  1. Why is the provincial government telling municipalities what to do with their housing policy?

    Democracy works from the bottom up, not the top down.

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