Gyro Park Concept Plan published

Following two years of discussions between Saanich and the Cadboro Bay community, Saanich Parks commissioned LADR & Associates to draft a long-term conceptual plan for Gyro Park, displayed above.

You may view this plan in detail on Saanich’s web site (or go to and search for Gyro Park).

The Cadboro Bay Residents Association’s Parks Committee is reviewing this plan and along with other stakeholders, will be providing input at a facilitated workshop in January. Amendments will be made to the concept plan, and the revised plan will be presented at a community open house for further comments.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this very important project – we are about to embark on a plan that could shape the future of this amazing and unique waterfront community park.

You are encouraged to forward comments regarding the plan to CBRA Board member and Parks Committee Liaison Terry Morrison. Comments received before the facilitated workshop will be incorporated into information presented at that meeting.

Watch for upcoming announcements of a public open house.

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