Results of SCAN meeting on Dec 5th

At the SCAN (Saanich Community Association Network) meeting on Dec 5th, the following motions were put forward by Haji Charania of North Quadra LUPA, seconded by Yves Bajard of Camosun CA, and supported by consensus of the meeting:

  1. That SCAN write a letter to
 Saanich on behalf of the Community Associations, to put the item of the current Sewage Treatment Plan on the Committee of 
the Whole agenda as soon as possible.
  2. All community associations are encouraged to attend the CRD (Liquid
 Waste Water Managements Committee) meeting on December 12 to present 
their views on the current sewage treatment plan. 

With the first motion we hope that most of the community 
associations will come out to speak, and urge Council to pass a resolution
 to delay the current plan.

Details on the CRD meeting are:

  • Date: Dec 12th
, Time: 1:30pm

  • Location: 625 Fisgard St. (corner of Government St).

  • Parking: 2 hour starts at Pembroke St, or use Robbins parkade next to CRD

At that meeting:
  • A rep from each Community Association should be present and either speak on behalf on
 the CA and deliver a letter, or simply read the letter to the board
 with the request (similar to PLDCA letter, supporting Nils Jensen’s 
motion at Oak Bay etc). A copy of the letter should be submitted to
 the board clerk in person at the time of speaking.

Letters/speeches should be limited to 3 minutes of speaking time
, which is about 500 words for the average speaker. The only limit of 5
 minutes is about 800 words.

  • The agenda will appear a few days before the meeting at a URL to be advised (watch this space…)
[Source: Dave Ferguson, CBRA SCAN Liaison]

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