Questions (to Saanich) on Gyro Park Draft Master Plan

  1. Will the Community-House/Washrooms be a 2-storey building?
  2. What will be the “Beach Ecosystem Protection”? Rip-rap? Logs? Something else?
  3. What is meant by “Yellow Sand Verbene and Dune Grass Protection”? The Verbene and dune grass will protect the sand from errosion? Or, logs or rip-rap will be used to protect the Verbene and dune grass"?
  4. What rain catchment area will the Park wetlands/pond serve? Just Gyro Park? The broader community? How many Ha?
  5. Do the “Rain Gardens” and “Vegetated swale” beside the main parking lot drain to the wetlands/pond? How?
  6. Will salt water be allowed back into the park wetlands?
  7. There are 14 little flesh colored squares sprinkled along side trails and paths? Are these all “Exercise Stations”?
  8. Are the berm contours also at 0.5 m intervals?
  9. How does the 3895 Cadboro Bay Road property fit into the Master Plan?

[Source: Bob Furber, Parks Committee Chairman]

Flooded playground, sunken path

Flooded playground &  sunken path

Challenging Terrain

Gyro Beach, 1960

Octupus Upwelling

Octupus upwelling.

Penrhyn Manhole

Penrhyn Manhole

Settling Parking

Settling parking area

Settling Structures

Settling structures

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