Request Opportunity to Discuss Concerns about Gyro Park Construction at CBRA AGM

Dear Jonathan and CBRA Executive,
I, and numerous other residents of Cadboro Bay, are concerned about the way Saanich is going ahead with construction in Gyro Park contrary to the CBRA and CBRA Parks Committee’s recommendations. 
I see from the CBRA Newsletter the Plans for Accessibility and Playground Improvement will be on display tomorrow night. I would like to request that you leave time for discussion about this important matter. Who approved paving black-top wide pathways in our beautiful green park?
 You will have received Bob Furber’s critique of the current construction plan and I certainly couldn’t express it better so I am copying it here:
  • Instead of a graceful natural looking grassed berm, they have chosen to black-top the berm top, turning it into a short straight road, as if Park users lacked the opportunity to tread asphalt.

  • Instead of trying to simplify and reduce the system of pathways and make them more purposeful and natural, they have decided to black-top ultra wide paths through and around the new playground.

  • Instead of listening and learning about the unique unstable characteristics of the saturated peat soil underlying the park and its impact on drainage, they have chosen to overlay the playground with fill, which will compound the settlement and drainage problems. Not only will it do nothing to improve drainage, it will make matters worse.

  • Instead of being open to incredibly valuable input from the CBRA Parks committee which was based based on extensive consultation with park users and neighbours, they chose to dismissively belittle it by labelling it “element based not concept based”, further confirming their failure to engage and understand what the Public really wants.

Here are the links to the relevant websites:
I would like to request CBRA request Saanich Parks Deparatment respect CBRA and the Park’s Committee’s recommendations. In addition to accessibility and improving the playground: Is the parking lot surface a priority for you? Should Saanich address the drainage and pot hole issue of the parking lot, and then install a permeable surface? It seems outside expertise is needed.
Yours sincerely,
Harriet Graham

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