Gyro Park Beach declared safe after Sept 5 samples

In the wake of the report of some sewage contamination of storm drains during the rainstorms two weeks ago, and recent resident enquiries if the beach was now safe, the CBRA board has received the following confirmation from Cam Preece, manager of core area operations of the CRD’s integrated water services:

Follow up samples were taken in the Cadboro Bay Beach area Friday September 5/14. Lab results were received Saturday September 6/14 and all samples had fallen below the recreational limit of 200 CFU/100mL. At that point the beach was safe to use and the beach posting signs were removed early in the evening September  6/14.

 Let me know if you have any other questions.


Cam Preece

Manager, Core Area Operations

Infrastructure Engineering & Operations, IWS

Capital Regional District

330 View Point Rd, Victoria B.C.



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