Reminder sent regarding remaining derelict boat at Gyro Beach


Eric Dahli, Chair of the Cadboro Bay Residents Association, has sent a reminder email to Judy Fainstein, Director of Operations at the office of the local MLA, Andrew Weaver:

Further to our discussions in January of this year, you are aware that Cadboro Gyro Park is one of the region’s special places and is well deserving of protection and preservation.  Again this year the park has become a resting place of another hazard, this time it’s  the aforementioned 27‘ sailboat the Odin, situated on Crown Provincial foreshore. Previous discussions with Saanich Municipality representatives have confirmed that the responsibility for its removal from the foreshore lies with the province.
This boat is already an unauthorized curiosity and playground for children in the park. Unlike the Saanich approved concrete structures in the park, this boat contains an untold number of potentially unsafe objects of various sizes and materials.
The Cadboro Bay Residents Association requests that the Provincial Government take whatever steps are necessary to remove this unsafe and dangerous sailboat from the crown provincial foreshore.

Yours Truly

Eric Dahli, Chair
Cadboro Bay Residents Association

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