Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in Cadboro Bay Village

Dear Mayor Atwell and Members of Saanich Council,

I talked to Pam Hartling, Sustainable Community Planner, a couple of days ago, and she suggested I write to my Mayor and Council about my wish to see EV Chargers, possibly two) either in Cadboro Bay Village or in Gyro Park.    I am seriously thinking of acquiring an electric Smart car, and living in a Senior’s Independent Living complex, I cannot run outdoor wiring to reach my suite.    The nearest EV charger is up at the university,which would be most inconvenient.

You’ll know how popular Gyro Park is and the number of cars that use the parking lot there, and having two EV chargers installed near the washrooms would be an excellent idea.   Electric cars are the way of the future and now that the government is offering a $6,000 rebate on the purchase of an electric vehicle, they will become even more popular.

I am forwarding a copy of my letter to the Cadboro Bay Residents Association, and the Cadboro Bay Business Association.  I have already contacted the latter and they showed interest in my suggestion.

I would request that Council seriously consider my proposal.

Yours sincerely,


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