Update on Proposed Spot Rezoning of UVic’s Queenswood Property

UVic has now submitted its application to the District of Saanich to spot rezone the residence building on its Queenswood property to accommodate Ocean Networks Canada (  This project is being funded by a grant from the federal government’s Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI). The application is now in Saanich’s internal review process, and it is anticipated this will take about 6 months.  The completion date for the project will be April 2018.  A rezoning sign will be posted on the property within the next couple of weeks.

Although occupation of the building will be subject to approval of the rezoning application, UVic is proceeding with the renovation of the residence building.  The salvage of furniture, fixtures and equipment  was completed on March 3rd, and UVic has advised that much of the equipment used by the Sisters of St. Ann found its way to new homes under re-use/re-cycle, or to local charitable organizations.

Internal deconstruction followed by hazardous material (hazmat) remediation will begin the week of March 20th.  The work will be conducted by the Victoria-based firm of H.L. Demolition & Waste Management, which has over 30 years of experience in both demolition and hazardous material remediation.  The main hazardous material is an asbestos liner in the interior flooring. There is a detailed hazmat safety protocol overseen by NorthWest Environmental – a specialized consultancy firm here in Victoria.

Security fencing will be installed at the former residence building entrances that will be used for the work, starting as early as March 21st, along with positioning of bins for separating the various waste streams. H.L. will also be erecting a small sign near the entrance to indicate to their drivers where the vehicle entrance to the site is.

Many Cadboro Bay residents enjoy walking on the Queenswood property, and we ask that they avoid the area around the former residence building and its driveway between now and the completion of the renovation in April 2018.

If there are any questions or problems arising, please email UVic’s project manager, Spencer Massie, or ‘phone him at 778-224-1022 (office), or 250-886-3617 (mobile).

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