New beached boats ashore—to be pulled off soon


Two boats that were thrown onto Gyro Beach (Saanich side) during the weekend storm will hopefully be removed this week.

C-Tow tried to pull off one of the boats—a 40ft (20 tons)  live-aboard—with one of their Zodiacs yesterday (Monday) morning at 7:45,  with no success. They will make another attempt tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8 am with both their Zodiacs.  This boat was anchored in the bay for about 3
weeks and it would appear the owner was not familiar with the dangers
of Cadboro Bay when SE winds arrive.


The second boat—a classic derelict—is a repeat offender and was pulled off the
beach a few years ago. The Dead Boats Society is filing out the necessary  “paperwork”  with the “Registrar of Wreck” and once ownership is
assured, will attempt to track down the previous owner to pay for the
removal. If that is not successful, alternate funding sources will be

There are also at least 2 smashed small rowboats and there
could be a missing derelict runabout which may have sank in the storm.

More announcements in the coming days as things develop. 

– Eric Dahli, CBRA Chair and Co–Founder of the Dead Boats Society

12:41 PM Update:

Another beached boat collection arrived this morning, The Coast Guard, C-Tow and the owner have been notified. Hopefully this boat will be removed as soon as the winds co-operate. Thanks to our bay watch group for the heads up and special thanks to Captain Pedro for the picture.

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