Queenswood parking

thank you for this info.   i live on queenswood and walk almost daily in the neighbourhood.  someone must have convinced saanich a while ago, to put up no parking signs on guinivere in an attempt to keep people off the beach!  now they park on queenswood which is way worse, dangerous.  then recently i noticed the no parking signs all over and was wondering how that all came about as parking has never been a problem.  it is now.  i’m not sure how these things develop but i know no-one asked me and i have lived here for 30 years.  same with the guinivere parking where neighbours ntimated that there were parties on the beach etc.  pretty sure i would know about that since i live directly across the street and would hear cars coming and going and music etc. if it were a problem.
i often walk through the old queen ann property now ocean networks.  admittedly i have continued through there on weekends when no one was working and now it seems to quietly have opened for work.  you can’t tell really, as there are veeeeeery few cars in there, albeit a ton of parking signs.  it seems very unfair to charge for parking in there and a very easy fix to encourage their employees to park on their grounds.  they did the same thing at both adjoining hospitals which has also caused mostly street parking.  i obviously understand not wanting to pay for parking but at the new ocean networks site it seems particularly ludicrous and un neighbourly.
while i’m at it.  there used to be a garbage can at the bus stop at arbutus and queenswood which they took away some time ago and never replaced.  the next one is almost to finnerty, and then there are two!!  another one almost to the other end of arbutus then nothing til you get to the beach.  seems pretty easy but i have never really known to talk to about this
thanx so much for listening

carolyn showler

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