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Orca Calf Confirmed

On Wednesday, the Center for Whale Research announced the discovery of a new southern resident orca calf, “L125″. This is the first calf in two years for the L Pod, and the forth calf borne by its mother L86, who is now 30-years old. The calf was spotted in Haro Strait.

Researchers said the calf was in good physical condition and appeared to be about 1.5 months old. Whale watchers are cautiously optimistic–about half of orca calves die within the first year and the orca population is declining.

CBRA has shared some photos and videos of recent orca sightings by Cadboro Bay residents in this post, a reminder of the incredible wildlife in this area and the importance of protecting them.

CTV News has featured a spotlight on the new orca that can be viewed here.

Photo Credit: Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research.

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