UVic’s 2013 Five Year Capital Plan available for download


The University’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2013/14 reflects plans to continue with deferred maintenance, as well as  address space needs that have developed as a result of growth. The new projects, in order of priority, are:

  1. Continuing Studies expansion, in anticipation of the expected increase in international students. This will include an expansion of approximately 1,300 “net assignable square metres” (NASM) for classrooms, offices, computer labs, preparation areas and support space. This will include renovation to approximately 600 NASM of the current building. (Project cost estimated at $11 million)
  2. Student Housing expansion and renewal, in a bid to double the current on-campus capacity
  3. Expansion of the Business and Economics Building. Overall strategic plan goals include the acquisition of additional land as needed, and the Sustainability Action Plan (aimed at quantifying risks to the university due to global climate change), to be completed by 2015.
  4. Finally, the university plans to undertake several studies in the next couple of years. These include but are not limited to:
    – a study to address the need for an additional 18,000 – 22,3000 NASM due to growth;
    – a study of feasibility of biomass energy (which was anticipated to have been completed by Fall, 2013);
    – a renewal of the Campus Plan which will involve community consultation regarding student housing, Cedar Hill corner and Queenswood and the moratorium and freeze on natural areas.

The file is available for download here, and in the CBRA Archive. 

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