Small community sewage

Dear Board,
Below is a letter for your review. I quite often receive emails like the following from residents.
I believe you should be aware that members in the community do not trust the intentions of the board in supporting decisions made by Council regarding Haro Woods.
I am forwarding this one on for your review as a indicator of why the CBRA membership is declining.
I would suggest organizing a Special meeting to address this important community issue.
Would you please answer Mr. Mintys questions as I am not at liberty to speak for the boards decisions since I am included in any discussions regarding Haro Woods & the CBRAs actions.
Deborah Dickson
on behalf of The Friends of Haro Woods

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Small community sewage
Sat, 12 Jul 2014 17:53:06 -0600 (MDT)
Deborah Dickson <>

Hi Debra,
I’m curious as to why the CBRA has decided to place an article in our newsletter concerning ‘free talk on successful sewage treatment for small communities’? In an effort perhaps to soften our community towards having the East Saanich sewage treatment plant built probably in the Haro Woods since Esquimalt as a location seems ever more unlikely.
I notice in the article’s graphic that the demonstrated plant has at least 2 air outflows, scum removal, solids removal by truck, methane burnoff and who knows what else. Who would want to live anywhere near such a facility?
Do you think that the CRD can transform the attenuation tank design into a sewage treatment plant if the Sewage plan is changed to incorporate small community treatment plants.
I also sense that the new CBRA is more pro sewage treatment and they know that the Haro Woods would be the location of a plant.

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