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Letter: Troubled

Dear Board,

The author of the “Federal Report Imminent” letter is very certain what the Report’s findings will be. Why is that?

It certainly raises a question in my mind: How ‘independent’ will the Report be? No one I know has been approached by the Reports researchers, despite (in my case) having asked to participate. Are only certain people being asked to participate?

I am very troubled by this letter.

Jerry Donaldson

1 thought on “Letter: Troubled”

  1. Hi Jerry, it is as independent as your Cadboro Bay local facebook page, which is a propaganda page for dogowners who do not stick to rules and regulations and wish for their dogs to roam free on disputed Songhees Nation land. I am very troubled when you have a beach to walk with your dog, but you wish to steal more land for your dog in this day and age of retribution, amendment and reconciliation with regards to Indigenous people. Perhaps learn to live with what you got instead of taking more.

    Jason Garber

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