Open House on Gyro Park Masterplan: June 19


  • When: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 (drop-in between 4-8pm)
  • Where: Frank Hobbs Elementary School Gymnasium, 3875 Haro Road 

Cadboro-Gyro Park is a unique Saanich asset and well loved by our community and the region but is in need of focused direction for future enhancements. 

Saanich Parks together with LADR Landscape Architects consulting team and the Cadboro Bay Residents Association have been working on revising the comprehensive masterplan for Cadboro-Gyro Park. Public open houses have previously taken place in June 2010 and March 2011. 

In March 2013, a key stakeholder workshop was held to brainstorm ideas, determine needs and wants for the vision of the park. The results of the open houses coupled with the ideas generated at the workshop revealed a few common themes and since then, a number of options for future improvements have been developed. 

Saanich Parks and Recreation will be hosting a public open house to view and comment on the options we have prepared for this community park. Saanich staff will be present to answer questions, provide information and hear feedback from you and the community. Surveys will be available for you to fill out.

Unable to Attend the Open House? 

If you are unable to attend this event you can participate by visiting the project website to view information about the masterplan.  The survey will be available online from Wednesday, June 19th to Thursday, July 25th. You can also view the panels and complete a survey at Gordon Head Recreation Centre, 4100 Lambrick Way in Lambrick Park from July 2nd to July 16th.

For more information, please call Saanich Parks at 250-475-5522 or visit the project website.

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