Derelict boats no more (for now)

On Saturday, October 14th, the last chapter in a two-year  saga came to an end as the final six derelict boats were removed from Cadboro Bay.  

Volunteers from the Veins
of Life Watershed Society
, The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association and other Community
Associations from across Saanich and Oak Bay, federal, provincial and
municipal politicians, all pitched in and helped as the tow boats from
 pulled the derelicts off the beach  and excavators loaded the
bins at Gyro Park provided by Ralmax, which then took the derelicts away
for recycling.

In future, the Cadboro Bay Residents Association will partner with all levels of government and
organizations like us that care about our environment, to ensure that
floating derelict boats no longer find a home in Cadboro Bay. 

By involving
all levels of government at every step of the way, we can avoid the
jurisdictional finger-pointing that helped put these and other derelicts
on the beaches of Vancouver island.

– Eric Dahli, Chair, Cadboro Bay Residents Association 

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