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Dear Eric

Below is a letter I received from Saanich in response to my letter, a copy of which I have already provided you. 
In particular, please note the 4th paragraph wherein Saanich states CBRA has been updated on an ongoing basis.  Is this correct?
This letter implies CBRA has given its tacit approval to the current work plan; i.e., Saanich is effectively shielding itself against wide spread public concern and disapproval of the work plan by what it construes as tacit approval by CBRA.   Silence by CBRA at this stage is granting Saanich  implicit approval of the work plan.  Is this your intention? 
I respectively remind the board Saanich’s own reports on public consultations state the general public consensus is: “the park should maintain its open, natural character with minimal additions of hard infrastructure and surfaces.”
Is the mandate of CBRA to represent the general consensus of the community?
Does CBRA indeed approve of the work plan currently being implemented in Gyro Park, including the extensive asphalt network of roadways and promenade of undisclosed width?
I look forward to your response.
Elizabeth Borek
From: “Donna Dupas” <>
Date: July 7, 2014 3:01:56 PM PDT (CA)
Cc: “ClerkSec  ” <>
Subject: Request for Moratorium on Saanich Parks Construction in Gyro Park
Dear Elizabeth Borek,
On behalf of Mayor Leonard and Council, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your emails dated June 25, and June 30, 2014 requesting a moratorium on the construction at Cadboro-Gyro Park, and requesting a Parks Department Meeting with the Community.  Please be assured that your correspondence has been brought to the attention of Council and forwarded to appropriate staff.  Your June 30th email requests the names of the individuals who attended the open house and stakeholder meeting, this is personal information and is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation.  I understand a larger park plan drawing has been mailed directly to you. 
As background information, approval of the Cadboro Bay Local Area Plan in 2002 initiated a process of community engagement and discussions to develop a new concept plan for the park.  To date a new concept plan has been unattainable, but feedback from the engagement process and formal input from the Community Association confirmed support for elements of the plan.  
In December, 2011, Council approved a Provincial Community Recreation Grant application for accessible playground, pathways and beach accesses.  One of the unanimously supported park functions and elements from the stakeholder consultation was “universal access, barrier-free design”. Project specific funding for the repair/replacement of the accessible pathway and playground was received from the Province in 2012, with the condition that the project be completed by March 2015. 
The design for the park renovation is consistent with the intended use as a municipal-wide waterfront park.  Guided by consulting geotechnical engineers, the design meets current industry standards and practices for fully accessible pathways and playgrounds.  The Parks, Trail, and Recreation Advisory Committee reviewed the current design at their regular March meeting and have been kept apprised through the course of the project.  Project updates have been shared with the community on an on-going basis in a variety of ways including, website, letters, presentation to CBRA, and site signage. 
Thank you for bringing your comments about the Cadboro-Gyro Park project to our attention. 
Donna Dupas
Legislative Manager
District of Saanich

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